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Low Clearance Dallas Parking Garage Towing

Low Clearance Parking garage towing is not offered by most Dallas tow companies.

If you’re stranded in a Dallas Parking Garage, Call or Text Dallas Discount Towing Now… 214-941-1221.
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Why? The simple reason is that most modern tow trucks can’t get in and maneuver. That’s right; they’re just too big.

The good news is that now you don’t have to wait. Dallas Discount Towing owner, Scott Gonzalez, envisioned a solution for car owners experiencing this parking garage dilemma. Mr Gonzales commissioned a new 2017 tow truck built especially for towing from parking garages.

Need a quick tow from a low clearance parking garage… Call Dallas Discount Towing Today¬† 214-941-1221.

Some of the features customers are sure to appreciate include:
– 4 door comfortable cab for you and family and friends
– Low 6’8″ clearance to get into downtown Dallas and area parking garages
– Quick response time to most major areas of Dallas
– Short wheel base for tight maneuvers
– Modern mapping and communications equipment with traffic alerts

Towing a car from a parking garage is not as simple as it seems, says Mr. Gonzalez. “The first major obstacle is clearance. If you can’t get in or out due to clearance, then forget it… it’s not going to happen. The second issue is that many tow trucks have long beds and this causes an issue. And the major problem customers face with their stalled vehicles is frustration and anxiety”

At Dallas Discount Towing, our new parking garage tow truck is set up to service parking garages all around the Dallas area… with a modern solution. Their new 2017 Dodge Ram has it all… comfort, low clearance, modern dispatch and mapping system and best of all… friendly, professional drivers.
Mr. Gonzalez is proud to say that due to the Dallas Discount Towing core mission statement, he now has close to 49 4.5 to 5 Star positive Google reviews. “Quick, Fast, Affordable Towing. That’s what we do.”

If you find yourself out of gas, have a dead battery, a flat tire and need roadside assistance or towing out of a Dallas area parking garage, call the dependable folks at Dallas Discount Towing 214-943-3229

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